Saturday, August 4, 2012


Parvati is a quaint restaurant/cakes and pastries shop at Trinoma, which didn't make a big impact on me the first time I tried their food. Recently, however, I find myself craving for Parvati's Taco Salad and Carbonara more often! The taco salad is exactly what you would expect tacos to taste served with more greens, and the carbonara isn't too different from the ones I've tasted before. The Bacon Chowder is creamy and comforting as it should be, and my favorite apple honey juice is well, apple juice mixed with honey. 

In essence, the dishes on their own taste fairly good, but serve it in a cozy corner with relaxing music and perfect restaurant lighting, and voila! I am one satisfied customer. The service is noteworthy, given that they don't even bill you for service charge. Affordable and satisfying, indeed. 

Now, time for some photos to drool over...

Start your meal with the creamy bacon chowder

Work your way into this gorgeous taco salad

Enjoy a mouthful of creamy carbonara

Alternating bites

For dessert, try these divine custaroon poppers

We all deserve a happy ending.

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