Monday, May 7, 2012

Sonya's Garden: The Art of Doing Nothing

Last month, just before my graduation, my parents and I visited Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. We've heard varying reviews about the place from friends, so we had to find out for ourselves. Once we got there, the crew, all wearing white, warmly welcomed us and informed us that our room is actually the owner's own private cottage! The place is so warm and welcoming, that I could not help but try out all the beds one by one once we got inside. First thing I noticed is the linen! The beddings, pillowcases, and even curtains, are exquisite! I later found out that Sonya was able to acquire these linen and all the other trinkets from her frequent visits abroad. The smell of lavender was extremely calming that we spent a good one hour just inhaling the fresh air and drinking fresh Dalandan juice, their famous welcome drink!
The entrance to our private cottage. Enchanting isn't it?

The living room
The bedroom

The food they serve is also fresh, healthy, and best of all, refillable so you can ask for as much of any dish. Everyone eats the same thing, and they don't have any other alternatives. For dinner, we had salad, pasta (you can choose from two sauces), a slice of cake, and some sweet potatoes. The waiter taught us that these deserts are meant to be eaten with the mint leaves on each table. Yummy!For breakfast, they give you a choice of Filipino or Continental breakfast. The Filipino breakfast consists of chicken & pork adobo, bangus, omelet, fresh fruits, and creamy hot chocolate. 


The garden is lush and picturesque. They get ingredients straight from the garden. They even have a small organic chicken farm! Walking around, you'd notice that there are cozy benches and daybeds where one can simply relax and enjoy a cup of Tarragon tea while reading a book. I enjoyed taking photos of the beautiful flowers and quaint touches here and there. 

Curious plant called "Bayag ni Pedro"

The scented garden
The scented garden
Met one of Sonya's dogs, Aldo!
With Sonya herself! She was kind enough to give us a quick tour around.
Simple living, however has its down sides as well. During our stay, I did not have access to the Internet, which is fine, but can be quite inconvenient for some. Also, there is no air conditioning in any of the rooms, so during the scorching summer heat, you'd be sweating bullets in your sleep! I also would love to see other selections for the food, because it's the same thing every day for every meal. I'm sure they can come up with something, given all their home-grown ingredients! :)Overall, I'd rate Sonya's Garden 8/10. Definitely a place worth visiting! I enjoyed the food, the incredibly relaxing ambiance, and the smell of flowers everywhere. I can't wait to go back! ♥
  • Sonya's Garden is located in 
    Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines) 
  • For reservations: call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140 
  • Website: 


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