Saturday, May 26, 2012

Four this Week (2): My all-time favorite TV series


I've grown up with Meredith, Derek, Izzy, Alex, Christina, Burke, Bailey, George, and their patients in Seattle Grace Hospital. I've been hooked since season 1, and after their eight season, newcomers from Mercy West Hospital have joined the family, while some have left. Every season has the right mix of gore, romance, action, and tear - jerking drama! There are only a few episodes that didn't leave me in tears. If you want to take a break from cheesy love stories and indecisive women falling for vampires, werewolves, or geeks, try immersing yourself in the lives of these surgeons. Learn about diseases, be amused by their love affairs, and let your tears fall with each heartbreaking goodbye. I can't wait for season 9!


Three families dealing with each other's quirks, how could that not be entertaining? It's not a typical comedy TV series because it's sort of a documentary, which means there's no background music and you are free to laugh at any point sans the canned laughter. I absolutely love Phil and Gloria! Season 3 is over, Cameron is noticeably tan and Lilly has grown up. Looking forward to season 4!


Five friends together in every awkward, funny, depressing, romantic situation. The whole point of the series is recounting events that led Ted to the love of his life. I always thought it would be Robin, but I see she's better off with Barney. I absolutely love Lilly and Marshall too. Funny and romantic, witty and touching, HIMYM is a feel-good series you'd love to watch any day.


This series was unfortunately cancelled a few years ago, but it's still among the best series I've spent countless nights watching over and over. Ned is a pie maker who can turn the dead to life and back to death by just touching them. The catch is, if he lets someone live for more than one minute, someone else dies. Charlotte is one person he's kept alive, but therefore cannot touch again, or else she'll die. Their sweet and quirky love story revolves around solving insanely strange crimes together with Emerson and Olive. I wish they'd revive this series soon!


  1. Aww I miss Pushing Daisies! I'd love to see Season 3, but it's nonexistent </3 Nood ka ng Downton Abbey!

    1. Maybe there's still hope! The Ned and Charlotte comeback! Haha! Okay, I'll look for torrents! ;) Miss you, Homi! :-*

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    1. Thank you! :-) I've been checking out the blogs there, too! :)

  3. i love HIMYM too!!! :) can't wait for the next season!


  4. Yeah me too, can't wait to see the whole family! Though there are spoilers on the internet over who the mom is. Thanks for dropping by! :)


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