Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I collect erasers

I have been collecting erasers with interesting designs for two years now, and my collection has grown tremendously since I bought my first pizza eraser. I have erasers in the shape of food, utensils, bottles, toys, gadgets, weapons, cars, planes, cartoon characters, animals, shoes, bags, flowers, sporting goods, office supplies, sea creatures, and many more! 

Aside from buying these adorable erasers, I also ask my family and friends to give them to me as gifts. Now I have erasers from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, and of course, the Philippines. 

I'd like to share some of the erasers from my collection! :) Resist the urge to pinch, hug, or lick your screen.

Fast Food
Japanese Food from Japan
Caramel candies from Korea
Sweets from Japan

Lunchbox given by my best friend
Peanut family given by my boyfriend :')

 Bowling and Golf

Tulips - my favorite flower!
Sassy heels
Designer bags
Lucky kitties from Japan
Japanese Dolls from Japan
I hate hearing the alarm clock in the morning
Where I am typing right now
My school service
I love my collection! Anyone who wants to share theirs? :)


  1. Ang cute talaga ng mga erasers mo! Hahaha :P

  2. Hihi thanks! >:D< And thanks to you and Tiff, nadagdagan (at madadagdagan pa?haha) ang eraser collection ko! :)

  3. Haha pag may makita ulit ako dito na cute sige bibilhan kita... which reminds me, hindi mo pa nga nabibigay sa akin pasalubong ko eh tss! :)) bihira lang ako makakita rito ng kakaibang erasers eh!

  4. Yehey!!:) oonga eh yung isa sa mga ibibigay ko sayo, malapit nang maging useless! Dapat magkita tayo this year or else!:))

  5. What a lovely collection, such nice colors! And the peanut family is just adorable!!

    1. Thanks a lot! :-) I agree, some of my erasers look good enough to eat, I get tempted to take a bite sometimes! Haha!

  6. I used to collect cute erasers too! When I was young, my parents gave me those as prizes whenever I got good grades :) Oh how I miss those times....

    Oh, Happy Graduation and Congrats <3 Where are you working now? :)


    1. Hi, Bianca!:) You should revive your collection! It's so fun to just look at them! Haha!

      Am currently processing requirements still, but hopefully by June, I can say I work there na. Haha! Followed you, btw! Good luck on your Sophomore year! :)


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