Thursday, May 17, 2012

Four this Week (1): My top 4 iPhone apps

Nope, I did not just make a typographical error. I am starting a weekly blog about top four of the things I like. Watch out cause here comes the first one! 

New apps are released everyday. Some are entertaining at first, but get boring after a while. Who's still playing Temple Run and Draw Something? Some have become must-haves, that I did not bother to include them in my countdown anymore. To name a few, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iBooks, and Skype are apps that I dare not even think of deleting.

These four iPhone apps are my go-to apps nowadays. Check them out! 

Also available on iPad

Where do I even begin with Flipboard? It's basically everything you want to see and read from different publications, blogs, and even social networking sites. You can literally flip from one news article, to your Facebook newsfeed, Instagram account, or Twitter timeline. You can choose which type of content you want to see when you open your Flipboard account. Travel, sports, photography, fashion, you name it! The welcome page seems very apt, don't you think?

Also available on iPad

Bored somewhere without internet? Boggle is a great game way to kill time while keeping your brain busy. Shake the letters, and find as much words as you can in three minutes. Enjoy! 

Also available on iPad

Give those instagram filters a break, and try XnView Photo's wide range of choices for image enhancement, effects, and filters. I absolutely love the light leak effects and the color filters. Endless possibilities await your blah photos. Try it! 

My photo with 4 different effects altogether! Cooleo. 


This app eliminates the need to pay for calls and texts to your friends! With internet connection, you can easily leave them messages. So what, right? Well, there's more. You can also leave them audio messages and photos! Think Skype, but you don't necessarily have to be online at the same time. He/she can see your chat messages and audio recording once he/she goes online. It !also simple and easy to use!

One word of caution, though: be careful with the information you share with your friends on this app, because I have experienced a stranger joining my one-on-one conversation. Creepy! Other than that, I love this app.

Thoughts? Leave a comment and follow my blog for my weekly top 4! 


  1. Looks like I'm not going to wait for the iPad 3 anymore, my labs. I'm going to buy the iPad 2 'cause it seems so useful for school. I'll check these apps out when I get it! Thanks for this, M! Love yew! -Steph

  2. That's right, go get the iPad2 already! :) The iPad3 is said to be thicker and heavier anyway. Haha! Very useful gadget for a lawyer-to-be! ;) ai love you too, my labs! :-*


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